So You Got a DWI…Now What?

Getting arrested for DWI is a terrifying and overwhelming experience for just about anyone. A DWI leaves you with legal questions, financial questions, DMV questions, employment questions, and every other kind of question in between. This is where the staff at New Beginnings can be a tremendous resource. They can help you navigate through the entire process and help you fulfill the requirements of both the courts and the DMV as quickly and efficiently as possible. They’ve helped thousands of individuals get their driving privileges restored and get on with their lives. They can help you too.

Requirements for DWI Assessment:

 North Carolina requires everyone who gets a DWI to get a DWI assessment at a facility licensed by North Carolina DWI Services. For that assessment you will need to bring a copy of your citation and your BAC (blood alcohol content). If the BAC isn’t on your citation that means they gave it to you on a separate form. If you lost both items you can get a copy from the clerk of court in the county you received your DWI. The other thing you will need is a copy of your driving record. It has to be a current copy obtained within thirty days of your assessment. You can get this from the DMV website for $10 or the staff at New Beginnings can order it for you for just a small convenience fee.

What to expect during DWI Assessment and DWI Classes:

Now that you have a copy of your citation, BAC, and a copy of your driving record you are ready for your assessment. The assessment fee is $100 (per DWI) no matter where you get it; that price is regulated and mandated by North Carolina DWI services. Once you’ve completed all of the necessary paperwork you will meet with a counselor. At New Beginnings we strive to make the assessment feel more like a conversation and less like a clinical interview. It’s important that each client share their side of the story and be heard when they do so. Based on this conversation the counselor will make a formal recommendation for treatment. This recommendation is made based on criteria set by North Carolina DWI Services. For example, if Joe B. Client blows .09, has never had a DWI before, etc. they will likely get the minimum allowable recommendation. Your recommendation dictates how many hours of treatment you have to complete to satisfy DWI Services. If you have yet to go to trial on this DWI we will send that recommendation to your attorney as well so that they can handle the legal aspect of your case. If your case is ongoing we will collaborate with your attorney and keep them in the loop throughout the process.

What’s Next? DWI Classes.

Your assessment is done and you have your recommendation. What now? You’re ready to start treatment and are that much closer to putting this behind you. Generally, people get either 20, 30, 40 or 60 hours of treatment. If you get 20 hours you’re allowed to do one group per week. If you get 30, 40 or 60 you are allowed to two groups a week. This is because DMV’s DWI Services dictates that 20 and 30 hours can’t be completed in less than 30 days and 40 and 60 hours can’t be completed in less than 45 days. So what do these hours of treatment consist of? Many are educational classes on a variety of topics like the effects of alcohol and other substances on the body and mind, DWI laws, coping skills, relapse prevention, etc. Some are process groups where clients get to talk about what’s going on with them, obstacles to staying sober, and other relevant topics/issues.

After you have completed your classes and finalized payment:

If you have yet to go to or complete your trial we will send a copy of your completion certificate to your attorney. HOWEVER WE WILL NEED your official conviction date in order to finalize your treatment. Once we get that conviction date we will enter it into the DWI Services system (which usually takes 5 to 10 business days for it to be processed) and the hold on your driving privileges will then be removed.